'Western' Flycatcher  Oregon, Lake County, Warner Mountains Territory 1
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Song Phrase 1
Song Phrase 1, Lake Co., OR, 06/28/2005 Frequency just below 6 kHz, good enough for COFL.
Song Phrase 2
Song Phrase 2, Lake Co., OR, 06/28/2005 Discontinuous phrase 2, like most Warner birds. Matches right-most example for COFL. Tick frequency below 3 kHz = COFL. Maximun frequency is a little high for COFL, but much too low for PSFL. Rounded top = COFL. Overall, close to COFL.
Song Phrase 3
Song Phrase 3, Lake Co., OR, 06/28/2005 Not too high to be considered full COFL. Emphasis is appropriate for COFL.
Male Position Note
Male Position Note, Lake Co., OR, 06/28/2005 A continuously rising MPN, such as this, is rare, but is known from COFL range in the Rocky Mtns. Possibly this is not MPN, but another, undefined, call.
Female Position Note
No Sample